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Damian Duff Personal Trainer

A little bit about myself and what I do in the Tunbridge Wells area - I always had an interest in fitness from a young age but never pursued it as a career path, this came much latter in life.

After finishing my education and working in various jobs I was fortunate enough to find myself heading abroad to a small island called Ibiza. I spent many years here working and partying!

 “Sounds great, Why did you come back to the UK?”

The fun and partying continued until my late 20’s at which point I also had family commitments to attend in the UK. With this and nearing the age of 30 I decided it was time to hang up the dancing shoes and think about starting a new career back in the UK.

Whilst back in England I joined a friends Gym which is where I started to find a great interest and passion in trying to improve my own fitness levels. I was then lucky enough to be offered some work at the gym due to being there on most days and training anyway.  I took up on the offer and also made the decision  to go to Exeter College to complete my Fitness Instructor course. I then moved on to complete my Personal training Diploma with Exercise Referrals in London with Lifetime Fitness and eventually found myself moving to Tunbridge Wells.

I have now started my own Personal training business “GoActive fitness” and am also working at  an outreach centre for Horder Healthcare in Tunbridge Wells as a Fitness and Rehabilitation Instructor. I run various fitness classes such as Fitness for the over 50’s, Balance and Flexibility, Circuit Training, Lower Limb Strength and Stability, post op hip and knee replacement classes alongside the Physiotherapists and classes for Arthritis Action UK and the Pickering cancer drop in centre in Tunbridge Wells.

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About Damian Duff Personal Trainer