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Damian Duff Personal Trainer

First Meeting and Free Consultation

Your first meeting and your initial consultation is free of charge and will last around

45 minutes. This is a great icebreaker and will give us a chance to fill out the relevant

 paperwork required before starting your personal training sessions.

Before starting your Personal training sessions you are  required to complete the following paperwork.

Physical Activity    Readiness Questionnaire.

This is a self screening tool about your  medical history to let me know whether or not it is safe for you to partake in physical activity.

If your answers indicate follow up is needed by your GP then written consent is required before commencing exercise.



  • Lifestyle Questionnaire.

  This is to find out about your physical activity habits such as any likes, dislikes and  any  goals you would like to achieve during your time training.

 This paperwork will help me to design a safe and effective workout tailored to suit your  needs.

  If everything checks out ok then your first training session can begin as and when you  book  it.