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Damian Duff Personal Trainer

Welcome to Go Active fitness, my name is Damian Duff, I am a Personal Trainer in central Tunbridge Wells.

A lot of people fear the idea of exercise due to gyms fitted with alien, complex and scary looking machinery, vast amounts of super fit people grunting, groaning and sweating all over the place and exercise classes with names such as "Killer Circuit and Abs Blast!". This can understandably be an intimidating scenario for anyone new to exercise.

This along with little or no knowledge of exercise, little time and lack of motivation are some of the many reasons why they stop before they've even started.

My point is that exercise should be fun and not something to fear or worry about. My aim as your Personal Trainer is to help, guide, motivate and supply you with the knowledge to safely achieve your personal fitness goals. The rest is up to you!

At GoActive fitness my approach to getting you fitter is by using back to basics fitness methods with the emphasis being on keeping sessions fun and varied whilst at he same time motivating and pushing you towards your fitness goals.  

About me and what I do in the Tunbridge Wells area

The training sessions will take place at a local park in the Tunbridge wells area or I can come to your home, work or a location convenient to yourself.

If your reading this page and thinking about using a Personal Trainer then your already one step closer to achieving your goal. Don’t hesitate and feel free to Contact me anytime if you have any questions or wish to book your free consultation.

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Damian Duff Personal Trainer

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